This table of Aeon Labs Z-Wave products is taken from here, and and enhanced to link to the Z-Wave database entries. 


Product Name Part Number Note Link
Door/Window Sensor DSB04100-ZWUS,V3.06,US    
Door/Window Sensor DSB04100-ZWEU,V3.06,EU    
Door/Window Sensor DSB04100-ZWAU,V3.06,AU    
Door/Window Sensor DSB04100-ZWIN,V3.06,IN    
Door/Window Sensor (2nd Edition) DSB29-ZWUS,V1.18,US    
Door/Window Sensor (2nd Edition) DSB29-ZWEU,V1.18,EU    
Door/Window Sensor (2nd Edition) DSB29-ZWAU,V1.18,AU    
Door/Window Sensor (2nd Edition) DSB29-ZWIN,V1.18,IN    
Door/Window Sensor (2nd Edition) DSB29-ZWBR,V1.18,BR    
Door/Window Sensor 6 ZW112-A,V1.00,US    
Door/Window Sensor 6 ZW112-B,V1.00,AU    
Door/Window Sensor 6 ZW112-C,V1.00,EU    
Doorbell Gen5 ZW056-A,V1.10,US    
Dry Contact Sensor Gen5 ZW097-A,V1.04,US    
Dry Contact Sensor Gen5 ZW097-B,V1.04,AU    
Dry Contact Sensor Gen5 ZW097-C,V1.04,EU    
Garage Door Controller Gen5 ZW062-B,V1.10,AU    
Garage Door Controller Gen5 ZW062-C,V1.10,EU    
Garage Door Controller Gen5 ZW062-A,V1.10,US    
Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 ZW078-A,V3.26,US    
Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 ZW078-C,V3.26,EU    
Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 ZW078-B,V3.26,AU    
Heavy-Duty Smart Switch DSC10-ZWUS,V1.21,US    
Heavy-Duty Smart Switch DSC10-ZWEU,V1.14,EU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWUS,2P,200A,V3.67,US    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWEU,1P,60A,V3.67,EU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWEU,1P,100A,V3.67,EU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWEU,1P,200A,V3.67,EU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWEU,2P,60A,V3.67,EU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWEU,2P,100A,V3.67,EU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWEU,2P,200A,V3.67,EU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWEU,3P,60A,V3.67,EU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWEU,3P,100A,V3.67,EU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWEU,3P,200A,V3.67,EU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWAU,1P,60A,V3.67,AU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWAU,1P,100A,V3.67,AU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWAU,1P,200A,V3.67,AU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWAU,3P,60A,V3.67,AU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWAU,3P,100A,V3.67,AU    
Home Energy Meter DSB09104-ZWAU,3P,200A,V3.67,AU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWUS,2P,200A,V1.17,US    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWEU,1P,60A,V1.19,EU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWEU,1P,100A,V1.16,EU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWEU,1P,200A,V1.16,EU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWAU,1P,60A,V1.16,AU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWAU,1P,100A,V1.16,AU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWAU,1P,200A,V1.16,AU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWEU,3P3,200A,V1.08,EU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWEU,3P4,200A,V1.08,EU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWEU,3P3,60A,V1.08,EU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWEU,3P3,100A,V1.08,EU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWEU,3P4,60A,V1.08,EU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWEU,3P4,100A,V1.08,EU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWAU,3P3,60A,V1.08,AU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWAU,3P3,100A,V1.08,AU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWAU,3P3,200A,V1.08,AU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWAU,3P4,60A,V1.08,AU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWAU,3P4,100A,V1.08,AU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWAU,3P4,200A,V1.08,AU    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWBR,1P,100A,V1.12,BR,E00006    
Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) DSB28-ZWAR,1P,60A,V1.12,AR    
Home Energy Meter Gen5 ZW095-A,2P,200A,V1.31,US    
Key Fob DSA22-ZWUS,V1.14,US    
Key Fob DSA22-ZWEU,V1.14,EU    
Key Fob DSA22-ZWAU,V1.14,AU    
Key Fob DSA22-ZWIN,V1.14,IN    
Key Fob DSA22-ZWBR,V1.14,BR    
Key Fob Gen5 ZW088-A,V1.03,US    
Key Fob Gen5 ZW088-B,V1.03,AU    
Key Fob Gen5 ZW088-C,V1.03,EU    
LED Bulb ZW098-A52,V1.02,US    
LED Bulb ZW098-B55,V1.02,AU    
LED Bulb ZW098-C55,V1.02,EU    
Micro Dimmer (2nd Edition) DSC27103-ZWUS,V1.15,US    
Micro Dimmer (2nd Edition) DSC27103-ZWEU,V1.15,EU    
Micro Dimmer (2nd Edition) DSC27103-ZWAU,V1.15,AU    
Micro Dimmer (2nd Edition) DSC27103-ZWIN,V1.15,IN    
Micro Dimmer (2nd Edition,2-wire) DSC43-ZWAU(350W),V1.02,AU,C00033    
Micro Dimmer (2nd Edition,2-wire) DSC43-ZWUS(400W),V11.03,US,C00028    
Micro Dimmer (2nd Edition,2-wire) DSC43-ZWBR(400W),V11.03,BR,C00028    
Micro Dimmer (2nd Edition,2-wire) DSC43-ZWAU(360W),V11.03,AU,C00033    
Micro Dimmer(Zigbee) DSC02-ZBAL,White    
Micro Dimmer(Z-WAVE) ZW003-N,V1.00,US    
Micro Double Smart Switch DSC17103-ZWUS,V1.07,US    
Micro Double Smart Switch DSC17103-ZWEU,V1.07,EU    
Micro Double Smart Switch DSC17103-ZWAU,V1.07,AU    
Micro Double Smart Switch DSC17103-ZWIN,V1.07,IN    
Micro Double Smart Switch DSC17103-ZWBR,V1.07,BR    
Micro Double Switch DSC35103-ZWEU,V1.07,EU    
Micro Double Switch DSC35103-ZWAU,V1.07,AU    
Micro Double Switch DSC35103-ZWIN,V1.07,IN    
Micro Motor Controller DSC14104-ZWUS,V1.29,US    
Micro Motor Controller DSC14104-ZWEU,V1.29,EU    
Micro Motor Controller DSC14103-ZWAU,V1.29,AU    
Micro Motor Controller DSC14104-ZWIN,V1.29,IN    
Micro Smart Dimmer (2nd Edition) DSC19103-ZWUS,V1.15,US    
Micro Smart Dimmer (2nd Edition) DSC19103-ZWEU,V1.15,EU    
Micro Smart Dimmer (2nd Edition) DSC19103-ZWAU,V1.15,AU    
Micro Smart Dimmer (2nd Edition) DSC19103-ZWIN,V1.15,IN    
Micro Smart Energy Illuminator DSC13104-ZWEU,V1.27,EU    
Micro Smart Energy Illuminator DSC13103-ZWAU,V1.27,AU    
Micro Smart Energy Switch DSC12104-ZWEU,V1.43,EU    
Micro Smart Energy Switch DSC12103-ZWAU,V1.43,AU    
Micro Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC18103-ZWUS,V3.00,US    
Micro Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC18103-ZWEU,V3.00,EU    
Micro Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC18103-ZWAU,V3.00,AU    
Micro Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC18103-ZWIN,V3.00,IN    
Micro Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC18103-ZWBR,V3.00,BR    
Micro Switch (2nd Edition) DSC26103-ZWUS,V3.00,US    
Micro Switch (2nd Edition) DSC26103-ZWEU,V3.00,EU    
Micro Switch (2nd Edition) DSC26103-ZWAU,V3.00,AU    
Micro Switch (2nd Edition) DSC26103-ZWIN,V3.00,IN    
Micro Switch (2nd Edition) DSC26103-ZWUS,V2.08,US    
Micro Switch (2nd Edition) DSC26103-ZWBR,V3.00,BR    
Micro Switch (2nd Edition) DSC26103-ZWUS,V2.08,US(V2.08)    
Micro Switch(Z-WAVE) ZW002-N,V1.00,US    
Minimote DSA03202W-ZWUS,V1.19,US White  
Minimote DSA03202B-ZWUS,V1.19,US Black  
Minimote DSA03202W-ZWEU,V1.19,EU White  
Minimote DSA03202B-ZWEU,V1.19,EU Black  
Minimote DSA03202W-ZWAU,V1.19,AU White  
Minimote DSA03202B-ZWAU,V1.19,AU Black  
Minimote DSA03202W-ZWIN,V1.19,IN White  
Minimote DSA03202B-ZWIN,V1.19,IN Black  
MultiSensor DSB05-ZWUS,V1.18,US    
MultiSensor DSB05-ZWEU,V1.18,EU    
MultiSensor DSB05-ZWAU,V1.18,AU    
MultiSensor DSB05-ZWIN,V1.18,IN    
MultiSensor 6 ZW100-A,V1.04,US    
MultiSensor 6 ZW100-B,V1.04,AU    
MultiSensor 6 ZW100-C,V1.04,EU    
MultiSensor Gen5 ZW074-A,V1.02,US    
MultiSensor Gen5 ZW074-B,V1.02,AU    
MultiSensor Gen5 ZW074-C,V1.02,EU    
Panic Button DSA38-ZWUS,V1.12,US    
Panic Button DSA38-ZWEU,V1.12,EU    
Panic Button DSA38-ZWAU,V1.12,AU    
Panic Button DSA38-ZWIN,V1.12,IN    
Panic Button DSA38-ZWBR,V1.12,BR    
Range Extender DSD37-ZWAR,V1.06,AR    
Range Extender DSD37-ZWEU,V1.06,EU    
Range Extender DSD37-ZWAU,V1.06,AU    
Range Extender DSD37-ZWUS,V1.06,US    
Range Extender DSD37-ZWUK,V1.06,UK    
Recessed Door Sensor DSB54-ZWUS,V1.05,US    
Recessed Door Sensor DSB54-ZWEU,V1.05,EU    
Recessed Door Sensor DSB54-ZWAU,V1.05,AU    
Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 ZW089-A,V1.13,US    zw089
Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 ZW089-B,V1.13,AU    
Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 ZW089-C,V1.13,EU    
Siren Gen5 ZW080-A17,V3.24,US    
Siren Gen5 ZW080-C15,V3.24,EU    
Siren Gen5 ZW080-BI,V3.23,AU    
Smart Dimmer (2nd Edition) DSC25-ZWUS,V1.20,US    
Smart Dimmer 6 ZW099-C16,V1.01,EU    
Smart Dimmer 6 ZW099-A02,V1.01,US    
Smart Dimmer 6 ZW099-B09,V1.01,AU    
Smart Energy Illuminator DSC08101-ZWUS,V1.27,US    
Smart Energy Illuminator DSC08101-ZWEU,V1.27,EU    
Smart Energy Illuminator DSC08101-ZWAU,V1.27,AU    
Smart Energy Switch DSC06106-ZWUS,V1.43,US    
Smart Energy Switch DSC06106-ZWEU,V1.43,EU    
Smart Energy Switch DSC06106-ZWAU,V1.43,AU    
Smart Film Hub DSC113-ZWUS,V1.00,US    
Smart Film Hub DSC113-ZWEU,V1.00,EU    
Smart Film Hub DSC113-ZWAU,V1.00,AU    
Smart Strip DSC11-ZWUS,V1.01,US    
Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC24-ZWUS,V2.15,US    
Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC24-ZWEU,V2.15,EU    
Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC24-ZWAU,V2.15,10A,AU    
Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC24-ZWIN,V2.15,IN    
Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC24-ZWBR,V2.15,BR    
Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC24-ZWFR,V2.15,FR    
Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC24-ZWIL,V2.15,IL    
Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC24-ZWUK,V2.15,UK    
Smart Switch 6 ZW096-A02,V1.03,US    
Smart Switch 6 ZW096-B09,V1.00,AU    
Smart Switch 6 ZW096-C16,V1.00,EU    
Smart Switch 6 ZW096-C07,V1.00,UK    
Smart Switch Gen5 ZW075-C07,V3.26,UK    
Smart Switch Gen5 ZW075-A02,V3.26,US    
Smart Switch Gen5 ZW075-C13,V3.26,ZA    
Smart Switch Gen5 ZW075-C10,V3.26,CH    
Smart Switch Gen5 ZW075-C16,V3.26,EU    
Smart Switch Gen5 ZW075-B09,V3.26,AU    
Touch Panel For Micro(1 button) AL001-W-US,US White  
Touch Panel For Micro(1 button) AL001-B-US,US Black  
Water Sensor DSB45-ZWUS,V1.05,US    
Water Sensor DSB45-ZWEU,V1.05,EU    
Water Sensor DSB45-ZWAU,V1.05,AU    
Z-Stick Gen5 ZW090-A,V1.00,US    
Z-Stick Gen5 ZW090-B,V1.00,AU    
Z-Stick Gen5 ZW090-C,V1.00,EU    
Z-Stick Lite DSA07203-ZWUS,V3.08,US    
Z-Stick Lite DSA07203-ZWEU,V3.08,EU    
Z-Stick Lite DSA07203-ZWAU,V3.08,AU    
Z-Stick Lite DSA07203-ZWIN,V3.08,IN    
Z-Stick Lite Gen5 ZW092-A,V1.00,US    
Z-Stick Lite Gen5 ZW092-B,V1.00,AU    
Z-Stick Lite Gen5 ZW092-C,V1.00,EU    
Z-Stick S2 DSA02203-ZWUS,V3.07,US    
Z-Stick S2 DSA02203-ZWEU,V3.07,EU    
Z-Stick S2 DSA02203-ZWAU,V3.07,AU    
Z-Stick S2 DSA02203-ZWIN,V3.07,IN