This table of Aeon Labs Z-Wave products is taken from here, and and enhanced to link to the Z-Wave database entries. 

The following table lists the channels that can be defined in the openHAB-2 Z-Wave binding. Channels are used within the binding to expose a devices functionality, and provides the default names for items, as well as the options that will be displayed in the user interface.

Z-Wave Device Database Usage Guidance

Please note that this site is no longer live. Please check out

The database is designed for manual entry of some data, and automatic entry of more detailed device specific data. Manual entry is required for configuration parameters,  associations, device names etc, where such information is not provided by a scan of the device itself. Automatic entry of data is performed by uploading the node XML files that are automatically produced by openHAB directly to the database system. These files are generated by openHAB when it performs device discovery and contains all the information on supported command classes and their configuration.

Z-Wave Device Initialisation

One of the common questions, or one of the common themes at least is a misunderstanding of how devices are included into the Z-Wave network, how they are then discovered, and how the device database is used. This article will provide some information on the different steps that are undertaken, and what happens along the way...

Database Overview

This site contains a Z-Wave device database - this stores the configuration of a number of Z-Wave devices so that users can review the configuration, and it is available for export to open source Z-Wave software.  This database has been produced with openHAB in mind since I maintain the ZWave binding, although it's use is not limited to openHAB and I've produced an Open Z-Wave export as well.

A database of device information is required for Z-Wave since there is no way to know the devices configuration directly from the device. Some Z-Wave command classes have preset configuration, and these we can implicitly configure, however the configuration command class has no device specific declarations. This data is normally provided by the device manufacturer in the manual, or on their website.