Chris Jackson

Spacecraft systems engineer by profession, software engineer by trade, home automation developer most of the rest of the time...

Key Skills

Aerospace Professional

Nearly 30 years in the Aerospace industry Software and system engineering for aircraft navigation, and spacecraft ground and flight systems.

Software and Hardware

Experience with software and hardware projects Hands-on experience with hardware and software provides an all-round system knowledge.

Automation Systems

6 years working on Home and Business automation systems building software and hardware to support and enhance SmartHome concepts.

Open Source Projects

Major contributor to many commercial and non-commercial open-source projects

openHAB-2 Contributions

Number of contributions:4
Contribution rank:20
Repository watchers:400

Eclipse SmartHome

Number of contributions:71
Contribution rank:11
Repository watchers:868

HABmin-2 Contributions

Number of contributions:15
Contribution rank:1
Repository watchers:236

openHAB-1 Contributions

Number of contributions:1797
Contribution rank:1
Repository watchers:3482

ZigBee4Java Contributions

Number of contributions:108
Contribution rank:2
Repository watchers:125

HABmin-1 Contributions

Number of contributions:680
Contribution rank:1
Repository watchers:224

ZigBee Binding Contributions

Number of contributions:225
Contribution rank:1
Repository watchers:58

Z-Wave Binding Contributions

Number of contributions:810
Contribution rank:1
Repository watchers:132

ZigBee Framework Contributions

Number of contributions:876
Contribution rank:1
Repository watchers:87